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The Forced page 2
Do you guys want me to group these together? The pages aren't very big and it'd only require a little bit more editing. Tell me in the comments. ;3 love to hear from you.

Anyway, basically my persona, Cole, moves to England with his sister, Taylor, ( susanspringguardian 's), for... uh... jobs I guess. And we find separate jobs and this is where this leaves you off. I find a job at a lab. Ye. Imma Yankee Nerd.

In case you noobz can't read:

1: Cole: (writing) Day 26: They let me be a fill-in security guard today. I was overjoyed until I found out that watching failed clone fusions is BORING.

2: (still writing) All they do is talk among themselves and taunt me...

3: (s w)  If they don't do something soon I think I'll fall asl-

4: *WHAM*

5: Medd: (Edd) I didn't think we were THAT boring.

6: Tomedd: (Tom) We're a bunch of corrupted fusions in a white room.
Torom: (Both) Yeah, we're boring.
I made a thing for my sister
Just a cute thing with Taylor, susanspringguardian 's genderswapped persona... uh... genderswapped?
(Yeah, she said to change Taylor to a girl for this AU)

ANYWAY... Scribble belongs to Edd Gould
Mattord belongs to me kinda
and Taylor belongs to me and susanspringguardian 
When I'm bored
I make gifs. Can someone tell me how to make gif icons, please? 

Cole belongs to me
Medd is half Edd after all.
(Drank Pepsi yesterday I'm ashamed of myself)

Cole belongs to me
Medd kinda belongs to me I guess...
So, I only got 2 favorites on my other one, but I said "Screw it. I'll do another."

Spoilers, duh.

Look back to my last theory about Tord now if you haven't yet, do that now.

So, if Tord does in fact become Red Leader, there is a good chance he'll come back to the show as a good guy. (Stay with me, this is gonna take a while)

Remember when I said Tord looked sad at the end of The End? (lol) Well, I'm going off of that. If he had even the SMALLEST SLIVER of remorse, why do we suddenly assume Red Leader's the bad guy? (Sure it's a cool idea and I've seen alot of cool fan-art) Look back at WTFuture. Future Tom references RL very casually, like they're alighted. And FTom and FMatt don't look like they're in Tord's communist clothes. And if Tord is RL, and he's supposedly evil, how did FTom get the other time warping device? My head cannon is Tord is the leader of a resistance against whoever is banning Cola. Edd got impatient with Tord, Matt, and Tom's efforts to repeal this law, and tries Paradoxical Suicide. Cue WTFuture. 

Anyway, Tord is probably good and the Fandom is wrong again. >:3 Ha.
*S H O T S F I R E D*

If you want more theories, please support this one. Thx


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I have no life. :)


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Winter-Sunflower Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
hey if you like Felix you should check out MightyMoron606! They're my friend IRL and will be posting art of him as well! She also draws her own character who is one of Felix's friends, Tyler!
Eddsworld: Tyler by Winter-Sunflower
TheMostRandomFandomz Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool I will