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If it's not broke, make it brake
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he Forced in a nutshell page twowo
No subtitles. Y'all can read this. I made SURE that this was clear enough. >:c I'm too lazy for subtitles anyway XD
My attempt at Chaotictale
So, this was fun. :') I had to improv so much of this XD Anyway, let me tell you why Mettatyler has no limbs;

*cover story activate* Once upon a time, MTY was too fab and his limbs couldn't take it. So, Alphil had to go to the junkyard to get more parts to rebuild MTY's  limbs. Then Mad Cole attacked them, cause he wassalty about... something... and that's why the picture looks like this.

Actual story: I made MTY too short, so I had to tweak a few things... srry.

Chaotictale belongs to Winter-Sunflower 
MTY belongs to MightyMoron606 
Alphil belongs to MangoKittyCat 
And Mad Cole belongs to me :3
The Forced in a nutshell page one
This condenced like three pages XD

This is not to be taken seriously at all. I made this to entertain you guys while I get the other comic ready
Anyway, here is captions

1: Me: Hallo, I am a gurl an dis is mai comic

2: Cola: Hi, I am Cola. I am dat gurl butt boi.

3: Fusonz: Helow, we are fusonz and wee r also prizonors

4: Guard: Get up, you lazy clod

5: Guard: 48

6: *le door slam*
Cola: Oh, noe...

Welp, I had fun making this XD

IZ YO BOI- girl... FANDOMZ!!!!! >:D
Happy spring from the ginger cinnamon roll
I wanted to do a speedpaint of this, but it was so long and I didn't want to edit it... :/

Matt belongs to Edd Gould, Mathew Hargreaves, and Edd's family
1: When I had this comic in mind, I wanted a fusion comic, but I didn't what to just use Redd and Torm like most comics do. So, I made Medd because we never see a Matt/Edd fusion in Spares. He was the first fusion to be designed (that's the reason I have an attachment to him more) and the others I hadn't even taken in consideration. (If you guys want to see my scrapped comics, let me know)

2: Medd looked alot different than he does now. His hair was SO much more lowkey than I draw him in The Forced. He had a knee injury, and couldn't really speak right. These traits were kinda distributed to Mattord and Torom. But, Torom doesn't have a knee injury (he just fights too much to walk right) and Mattord CAN speak English. He just chooses not to. 

3: The other fusions were originally hostile. Mostly Mattord and Tomedd. Torom just being salty more than mean... Tomedd was alot more unstable and Mattord just got mad when you didn't understand him. Lame right? I'm kinda glad I made them nicer. :3

4: There's alot more fusions than you think.
Here's a list of their names and numbers in order;
000: Tomatt 
001: Torm
001.5: Medd (failed)
002: Tomatoredd 
003: Mattord
004: Torom
005: Medd 
006: Tomedd 
and I might possibly make more in the future.
(As long as I get no more asks, I'll do short bios on all these guys)

5: Taylor wasn't originally in the scrapped comics.
(Maybe it's cause they didn't get far, but I never had her planned...)

6: Tomatoredd, Torm, and Scribble were in the original comics. Yeah. I wrote them out for... unknown reasons... :/

7: Cole calls Medd "Smokey" because of Steven Universe 
(Only hardcore fans will get this one)

8: Cole has nicknames for all the fusions:
Tomatt: Get Along Hoodie (you'll see why when I draw him)
Torm: Nightmare Feul's Brother
Medd (failed): Nightmare Feul
Tomattoredd: Tomato or Redd (duh)
Mattord: Lefty
Torom: Killjoy
Medd: Smokey
Tomedd: Monster Boy (or Boi)

Hope you enjoyed these... eight facts XD


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